It is a rear occasion these days that I write a local piece that mainly interest Norwegians. So you are warned, but it may interest you anyway.

It has been announced the last few months by the eminent Norwegian blog, Horae, that Urmaker Jørgensen lost their authorized dealership for both Rolex and Breitling. This AD have served the watch community for years by providing impeccable service, a positive attitude towards the community and most important, heavily discounted Rolex sports models. Losing both these brands is a sure path towards the demise of a once huge Norwegian watch dealer.
The official statement is that Rolex demands to much when ADs have to invest in rebuilding their store, and some ADs doesn’t have the muscle or will to carry that weight. Usually that is BS to conceal the correct reasons.

I am an outspoken part of the watch community here in Norway, and I need to comment on these news. I am not about dancing on someone’s grave, whomever it may be, but no one seem to understand the ins and outs of this story. And I may shed some light.
Well, here is my side of this story:

  1. As everyone knows Urmaker Jørgensen sold their Rolex watches at 8-10 % discount.
  2. Situated far outside of modern civilization the watches are being sold by email or telephone (Sorry Tromsø, it is the truth)
  3. I have knowledge about two occasions where Rolex watches have been sold and offered above retail. The watches had been discontinued from Rolex and prices were going up. He had kept one in the safe and the other came in the last shipment just after announcement. Both stories have been confirmed by Jørgensen himself to me, in an angry phone call after I tried to confront him in an open forum. Documentation exists of course. Receipts were made.

Rolex knows about all of this. And they do not approve anymore. They do not want to be sold at discount. They want their customers to be taken seriously, have a good shopping experience, and above all they do not want to be sold at mail order service. It is as simple as that.

Now what happened with Breitling is another issue. I am not sure of the technicalities. They do have a new CEO with a new strategy, and I do not believe that they want to be the head brand of a dealership anyway. And every major brand have heard about the three bullet points above.

I will be surprised if Urmaker Jørgensen survives this mess. It is sad. But it is all true.