BMWIn 1975 Martha, a swiss woman, bought this BMW 3.0 CS A. She could have gone for the new and updated 6-series that BMW introduced in the last months of 1975. But Martha wanted a classic car. The BMW 3.0 CS was already a classic.

Martha’s car was produced in november 1975 and is one of the last E9 that left the factory. Martha named the car bijoux – jewel – and it is said that the car was considered to be a member of her close family through 30 years. This car is truly a real gem.

Today’s owner imported the car to Norway back in 2008. With the car he received a letter from Martha. She knew the car had gone to an enthusiast that would care for her bijoux as well as she had. In 2009 the new owner had the car repainted in the original paint and colour. Other that this, the car has not been touched. It is as original as it was back in 1975 when it left the production hall.

Norway have issues with weather and the winter, so this car is placed lovingly in the garage during most of the year. During summer the car is taken out on dry roads, and then a short trip to the grocery store soon becomes a couple of hours in the sun with the stereo turned to its maximum. The owner and bijoux leaves behind 6-8000 km pr season. That equals about 3500-5000 miles.

The car have now run 132.000 km (82.000 miles). In 2008 Martha had driven the car for 107.000 km (66.500 miles). Service schedule have been followed meticulously since 1975, and is shown in the service book.

This mean 70s machine packs 180 Hp, and does 0-100 km/h in 8 sec. Top speed at 210 km/h.

The lines on this beauty is without comparison in the BMW history. This is a classic car for cruising.