Haandbryggeriet is one of my favorite norwegian breweries.

The reason for that is that they have always been consequently rebellious and challenging when it comes to taste. They see no remorse when mixing malt and hops with the extremely sour norwegian red currants to make Lambic. They are also always experimenting with new tastes and formulas. They fail now and then, but that is what you do when the risk is high. The other reason why I love them is that they also have an innate ability to balance dominating aromas. Haandbryggeriet makes beer that can be quite distinct on taste. If they promise a smoky character, it will be smoky. Almost like a kick in the groin smoky. If they promise bitterness, you will get bitterness like a slap in your face. But it is always in balance, never too dominating. I know several brewmasters that envy their guts.

I short you can say that the Brewmaster at Haandbryggeriet have good tastebuds and a special enthusiasm for making great beer. The beer from Haandbryggeriet is workmanship. You can see it, and you can taste it.

You can now see the new video from inside the Haandbryggeriet brewery. We will also introduce a couple of short presentations on beer types. Videos is in norwegian only. Sorry.



American Pale Ale

India Pale Ale