When travelling to the north of Norway we made a detour out to the beautiful and quiet Sommarøy (Summer Island). We wanted to experience this part of Norway from the sea. From Sommarøy you can reach Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten by kayak. In good weather this is probably the finest coastal area in Norway. We where in luck.

Paddling from Sommarøy south towards Senja is a bit long. In a good Kayak and with the weather we had on our trip, this is a nice half a day on the sea. Ship traffic in this area is limited, so the trip is all about the scenery.

Adventures in this scenery have a tendency to pile up. Touching the fjord, talking to seafowl and taking in the view is almost a religious experience. But be warned, you will experience an unnatural inner peace. Hours fly, and the distance go by unnoticed. The physical strain of the paddling was not detected at all.

During the summer months even the evenings will offer adventures. The midnight sun provides opportunities also at night. Kayak by day and mountain trekking in the evening will give you a vacation brimful of activity and quality.

Kajakk Sommarøy

Sommarøy is located about an hour west of Tromsø by car. It is a relatively small and friendly fisherman’s community. On the island you will only find small houses, a little grocery store and a nice little hotel where you may rent a fishermans cottage or a room. Surrounding the coastline of the island there is white beaches and azure colored sea.

Kajakk SommarøyKajakk SommarøyKajakk Malangen

In Tromsø there are several possibilities for renting a Kayak for the day, or by the week. They also provide all necessary equipment. Guided tours are easy to find. Remember that they may ask for proof of training or other qualifying certificates if you want to go out on your own.

Kayak rentals: Tromsø / Lofoten


Kajakk Sommarøy