Knife magician Harald Andersen and the online shop is at it again with beginners class in knife sharpening and honing. I went there with my camera to document it and summarize the 2.5 hour long class in a one minute video – see video above.

During the class Harald will first focus on the anatomy of a knife, then the theory of knife sharpening and last he will explain the different factors when choosing the correct sharpening tools. The last 2 hours of the class will be practical training the techniques on your own knifes. You are guaranteed to come back home with sharper knifes than what you brought in.

I participated in the class myself this winter. This led to knowledge about chef’s knifes that I never knew existed outside specialized online forums. Having a sharp knife is now a necessity in the kitchen. Where tomatoes and red peppers flew from the dull knife in my earlier kitchen life, I can now cut paper thin slices of tomato. The mandolin is gone from the kitchen, and the sharpening stones have been taken out from the dark corner of the kitchen drawer.

A class with Harald Andersen on knife sharpening is highly recommended.

There will be an advanced class with in-depth knowledge on steel, sharpening stones, advanced techniques and more geeky stuff on knife sharpening. These classes comes with a nerd alert. The advanced classes will be held on demand and will be presented by Harald.

Registration for classes you will find at


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