With todays launch of Odysseus, A.Lange & Söhne finally offer what the crowds have been nagging them about for years. An accessible sporty steel watch.
And finally the worst kept secret of the industry is out of the bag. Rumours have been circulating for years already. But I guess few have actually seen the watch. Almost like a mythological creature.

Odysseus is the first Lange watch with a water-resistant case and a screw-down crown. Fitted with a tailor made self-winding movement, with a large Day and Date display, it surely tick a lot of boxes.

There will be many opinions the next few days on how they deliver on the expectations regarding design. Many will voice issues with yet another blue dial steel bracelet sports model.
And the Odysseus name itself bring notions to…let’s say Nautilus. One being a greek mythological figure from Homer’s works, the other a fictional submarine from Jules Verne’s literary world.
The watch is probably as big a mythological hero as Odysseus himself. So maybe it is an appropriate name.

So beside the fact that Lange could have been a little bit more adventurous, what is this watch really about?

I will list my pros and cons below.


  • Price at 28.000 EUR!
  • WR 12 bars
  • Size – Diameter 40,5 mm, Hight 11 mm
  • Beautiful details on metal work. Especially middle case cantilever and bracelet finishing.
  • Day Date display
  • Dial – Three dimensional and textured
  • Lange hands and detailing
  • Lovely looking clasp
  • The overall beauty of Lange


  • Reminiscent of their competitors
  • Bracelet design is not for me

Odysseus epilogue

When dissecting the Odysseus we have to remember that A.Lange & Söhne is a conservative brand with a twist. They have a strong brand identity. And they have very committed collectors that will adore this new look and feel.
I also like to keep in mind that I have not yet seen this watch in person. I was smitten by the infamous Audemars Piguet release earlier this year when I first laid my hands on the watch. So nothing is really certain, but over all my pros far exceed my cons on this one.

Yet, I have to say that while the components and details themselves is as beautiful as always with Lange, the watch feel a little odd to me. And I was struggling for almost a week before I could put my finger on it.
I believe it is the complexity of the dial. It may look simple, but it is really not. A lot is happening on there. Now the overall balance is perfectly executed, but there are a lot of different textures. And all the dimensions create a depth that is unique in this segment.
Put it on a blue rubber strap thou, and it will probably blow my mind.

At the selected price point this is a very good buy. You get genuine A.Lange & Söhne quality, design and finishing for a reasonable sum. I still have a small favour to ask: Anthony de Haas – please tell me there will be a matching blue rubber strap.

I LIKE it.

Visit A.Lange &Söhne for more on this watch.