Radisson Blu Royal is perhaps an unoriginal choice. Why not go for the excellent independent boutique hotels or the ecologically oriented hotel trend of Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a city that I find myself returning to every now and then. I stayed in Denmark for 6 years during my time in University, so I know that both the country and the city has a lot to offer. Still I end up in the same hotel every time I visit Copenhagen.

Why is that?

Well, I am a travel freak. I can still remember the joy of paper wrapped bars of soap on the SAS flights and how I got miniature soda cans served up in real glassware. I remember the ice cold metal cutlery and the joyful and proud cabin crew. Those days are definitely over, but I still have a rather romantic portrayal of travelling. I believe that is why I always come back to  Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen. Here you can almost touch and smell the bygone era of travelling.

The hotel opened in 1960 and was the first true design hotel of the world. Arne Jacobsen, the famous danish architect, was responsible for the design, and this hotel is known to be his most complete project. He designed every little detail, everything from doorknobs to cutlery and exterior of the building.

Radisson Blu Royal København


Already in the enormous lobby you will experience the delightful feeling of old greatness. Even though the hotel have been modernized and have changed up the floorplans a little since 1960, the feel and the look have been kept. The light and dark teak panels that encircle the lobby give the illusion of size and air. Despite a dark color palette and heavy textures the lobby as a whole feels light and tender. Sitting groups with the Egg and the Swan chairs, and the enormous almost floating spiral staircase give the lobby an even more exclusive look.

There is a large variation between the hotel rooms. I recommend you try to get a corner room that have large window space and natural light in the bathroom. Now, the bathrooms are a piece of art. Green marble is suddenly tasteful here with Arne Jacobsen’s Vola taps and mixers, and that is sadly where the magic ends. Sloppy workmanship and design choices affect the shower area. Arne Jacobsen would turn in his grave if he knew they had mounted a plastic shower head in his bathroom.

Rumors are going that Radisson Blu Royal are about to upgrade all the rooms. That is probably about time, and it will be exciting to see how they manage to renovate and modernize this hotel without losing the important grand feel.

If you are lucky enough to get a tour of room 606 it will be worth your while. Here you will see a room conserved in its original state and get a glimpse of a time when travelling was a luxury.

Radisson Blu Royal København

Rom 606 – Arne Jacobsen Suiten

Radisson Blu Royal is situated centrally in Copenhagen with a mildly put amazing view of the city. Actually it looks like the city burst out from underneath the hotel, and you will see the whole city from your hotel room window.

Service is thoroughly good, but it is the concierges that I find to be the perfect faces outwards that a good hotel needs. They will help you with every small detail with a large and welcoming smile. You may want to try the Mojito in the hotel bar. According to my wife this is excellent. Myself, I enjoyed the good selection of danish craft beer.

I hope that the Radisson Blu chain recognizes the value of the heritage in this specific hotel. If they manage to redecorate the rooms to a standard that is worthy of this heritage, then the Radisson Blu Royal will still be my favorite hotel in Copenhagen for many years to come.

Radisson Blu Royal København