Rimowa Topas Stealth Electronic Tag

On March 14th Rimowa launched their new Electronic Tag which solves the last problem in the digitalization of travelling. We have had the opportunity to travel paperless for quite a few years now. We can even check in from our kitchen during breakfast on our smartphone. Now finally it is the end of the luggage tag with Rimowa’s Electronic Tag.

In the near future airlines will send digital luggage tags with your electronic ticket. Rimowa have now integrated a module in the suitcase where you can upload your luggage tag from your smartphone. The display on the module will show your tag directly on the suitcase and the information is identical to what was on the old luggage tag.

When you arrive at the airport you may place your bag directly on the luggage belt at the check-in and move on towards security. The whole check-in procedure will be over and done with within seconds.

This new concept is called Smart Bag among all airlines but no one have yet to start the evolution of travel. Rimowa is the first luggage manufacturer to provide this concept to their customers. Together with Lufthansa they decided it was about time to implement the future of travelling with the Electronic Tag. All other airlines is expected to follow. Quickly.

Rimowa Electronic Tag