All men have a close and ambivalent relationship to shaving. For some men shaving is automatic. For others it is an annoying duty. Some men just avoid the whole problem by growing a large and wild beard.

I used to be the other kind. The annoying duty kind of guy. But by investing a little time training and a few drops of blood I managed to master the traditional straight razor. Then shaving became a pleasure. Something I could use to escape a busy schedule and shouting kids for 30 minutes. It’s daddytime in the bathroom.

Straight razors look horrific. But they really are not. Trust me. For most guys the real challenge is to get the correct equipment and training.

I will try to teach you what I know about straight razors, about soaps and brushes, about steel and sharpening. I will tell you where to shop and what you need to consider if buying new gear or vintage gear. You will master this great art of shaving!

Barberkost til barbering

Brush and foam

Barberkniv til barbering

Straight razor