When the dust now have settled after the release of the Speedy Tuesday 2 – that is the “Ultraman” – I thought it’d be timely to have a look back at the ST1.

The Speedy Tuesday 1, or the Speedy Tuesday if you ask me, was a mess of a release. It literally sold out in a few minutes once released online. And you may remember people waiting for over a year for their order.
It turned out a lot of people bought the watch just to make a profit. Well, most failed. The prices did not skyrocket like the Snoopy I reviewed a while back, or like the Alaska Project or Tintin have the last few months. I am also laughing hard at the idiots who didn’t learn in time for the release of the ST2. The ST2 is going at retail or lower here in Norway at the moment.

Well, have the prices stayed down because of the watch, or is it just a reaction to the speculators of the watch community?

Omega Speedy Tuesday ST1

Speedy Tuesday ST1

I must admit that I bought this watch at its online release because I felt it would have a historical significance. Besides that fact, I was really missing a Speedmaster in my collection and I thought this watch was beautiful. The brushed case and hands, the matte reversed panda dial and the font on the radial subdials are just stunning. I am also a sucker for the vintage feel that the hesalite glass brings to the watch.
In my opinion a drunk man must have designed the superluminova pattern on the Speedy Tuesday. I could easily have done without it. But in reality it doesn’t bother me much.

After a year with this watch I have used it quite a lot. Sometimes for weeks. And I still feel for it like I did in the beginning. It is a very comfortable watch to wear. I like it on a strap. The design of this Speedmaster is so strong that I am still fascinated about it a year in. Every time I take it out of the box I feel lucky I got one.

Omega Speedy Tuesday ST1

Robert-Jan Broer

I had to ask the co-creator of this baby – Robert-Jan Broer from the eminent Fratellowatches – about his feelings for the watch as well:

-I love the ST1, it is a dream come true for my team and myself. People compare this watch – understandably – with the Speedy Tuesday 2 “Ultraman”. And although I love that one too, these are completely different watches. That makes it fun, at least for me.
Where the Ultraman is a bit more of a ‘thematic’ watch, perhaps like the Snoopy, the ST1 is a watch inspired by the Speedmasters that were qualified by NASA for the Space Shuttle missions in the 1980s. Brushed case, radial dial and on top, a reverse panda dial. It is not a very flashy watch, but it also wasn’t supposed to be. We see that especially people who normally are into vintage watches, like it a lot.

Omega Speedy Tuesday ST1

Robert-Jan also sums up his personal relationship to the watch:

-During the honeymoon period of a new watch, it always gets most wear. But over time, you also start to wear other watches (Speedmasters) again. I have a modest collection of Speedmasters, dating from the 1960s till the current releases, and I find myself wearing the ST1 pretty regularly. I have a number of favourites, but I try to wear them all. Certain awkward models like the Speedmaster 125, X-33 and perhaps the bit less awkward Mark II get minor wear, but the regular Speedmaster (Professional) watches are all in the rotation programme, including the ST1. For me, the ST1 and ST2 remain very special so perhaps they have a slight advantage compared to the others. In all seriousness, I think that the ST1 is different enough from the standard Moonwatch or other limited or special editions that it is a really nice piece to own and wear.

Final thoughts

The Speedy Tuesday 1 is a historical watch in all aspects. It was the first social media related watch release and it was the first watch in history to be sold entirely online. From a premium brand of course. —Don’t hit me with that kickstarter shit, it doesn’t count as watches. —

Panerai have always had a tight grip on their Paneristi community with many releases solely to this group of watch nerds, but no other premium brand have done anything close to what Omega did with the release of this first Speedy Tuesday.

It may be too early to call it a true collectors item, but in my opinion the collectability level is high on the Speedy Tuesday ST1. And in my opinion market prices on both ST1 and ST2 both have stayed down because of the massive supply on the second hand market have kept it that way. At the moment ST1 supply is drying out. So get one before the prices shoot up.

Omega Speedy Tuesday ST1